Awards and Vacancies

School Direct Salaried Positions

Applicants for a salaried position should have a minimum of three years full time relevant work experience, which may be in any career, and does not have to be in an educational setting.

Trainees will be employed by one of the schools in the Alliance for the duration of their training, and will therefore receive a salary from the school.  The salary paid is a minimum of point 1 of the unqualified teacher scale.  There are no requirements to be supernumerary.  However, all of our inexperienced salaried trainees are always supernumerary at the beginning of the year, and will have no timetable commitments.

For salaried trainees, the university tuition fees to achieve QTS will be paid by the school.  Those who opt to undertake the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) will pay the extra costs.  Trainees on the salaried route cannot access bursaries, scholarships or student finance.

School Direct Non-funded (unsalaried) Positions

Trainees on this route are responsible for university tuition fees for QTS.  For those who opt to undertake the PGCE, this will involve a further cost.  Trainees on this route do not receive a salary.

Funding and training bursaries are available.  For further information, visit the website: Get Into Teaching - Bursaries and Funding


There are two possible awards from your School Direct training.  All School Direct trainees are automatically on the Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) programme. However, there is an opportunity to opt into the Post Graduate Certificate in Education programme (PGCE).

Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) – All trainees

All successful School Direct trainee teachers will achieve the recommendation for QTS. 

The majority of your time on this programme is spent in school and the training is delivered either by the University, SCITT or by the Trust.

Trainees are assessed through a professional portfolio, which will evidence how the standards for the award of QTS are being met.   Evidence will include observations of teaching and professional activities, they will demonstrate a clear understanding of teaching and subject knowledge.  Classroom experience will increase in each successive term of the programme as confidence and ability develop.

Throughout the programme, trainees are assessed by their mentors and university tutors who will grade them at key points to help them understand how well they are progressing towards meeting the standards for QTS.  At the end of the programme, the trainee will have a final assessment. 

Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) - Optional

In addition to the above assessment process for the recommendation for QTS, trainees who have opted for the PGCE award will be required to undertake further academic study and action research.  They will be required to submit three 4,000 word assignments, spread across the year, which will be assessed at Masters Level and gain them 60 Masters credits.  There will be additional taught days at university and tutorials to support trainees who choose the PGCE pathway.

There is also support for trainees on this route during the Trust Professional Studies Sessions.  Prior to the completion of each assessment, PGCE trainees will have a study day where staff will be present, to give further support and guidance.

Following the award of QTS 

A high proportion of our trainees are offered a permanent role at their school or at a school within the Trust on successful completion of the programme. 


To view our current vacancies please visit Apply for teacher training.


This year has given us an incredible insight into the expectations and skills needed to become outstanding teachers.  It has certainly been a journey and has allowed us to draw on our own life experiences and develop resilience and patience.  This year has allowed us the time to turn obstacles into opportunities. We have made lasting friendships with like-minded people and the support we have gained has been invaluable.