Educational Support

At The Westlands Teaching School Alliance we pride ourselves on being to offer high quality support to other schools or academies. 

As a teaching school we are able to offer a range of Specialist Leaders (SLEs), Kent Leaders (KLEs) and National Leaders (NLEs) to help your school in their journey to outstanding.  We have a team of lead professionals who know what outstanding leadership and teaching looks like. All are middle or senior leaders are highly skilled in mentoring, coaching, supporting, leading and developing educators.

Specialist Leader of Education (SLEs)

We can offer the deployment of a specialist leader into your school to work with middle or senior leaders to help raise standards, improve departments and ultimately outcomes for students.

They have:

  • First class knowledge in their area of expertise

  • A minimum of two years’ experience in a significant leadership role

  • A successful track record supported by substantial evidence of impact and sustainable improvements

  • The support of their Headteacher to be released and work with others schools and staff within the Trust

What can they do for my school?

They are:

  • Able to impact on attainment and achievement in your school by sharing resources, modelling, coaching and supporting your staff and teams

  • Excellent communicators

  • Innovative, proactive and collaborative

  • Analytical in identifying needs and prioritising accordingly

  • Able to grow leadership in others

They can:

  • Visit your school and/ or invite you into schools within The Trust

  • Work with colleagues in your school

  • Share their resources

  • Draw up action plans

  • Model best practice in the classroom

  • Coach and mentor colleagues

  • Develop staff and teams

  • Observe lessons

  • Monitor and evaluate learning

Who are they?

We currently have a wide variety SLE’s working within our Teaching School with varying degrees of expertise. Currently they cover the following areas:

  • Science (Secondary)

  • MFL (Secondary)

  • Maths (Secondary)

  • English (Secondary)

  • RE and PSHE (Secondary)

  • Assessment (Secondary)

  • Continued Professional Development

  • Curriculum (Primary)

  • Computing, E-Safety and Digital Literacy

  • Behaviour, Personal Development and Attendance (Secondary)


Kent Leader of Education (KLEs)

KLEs are experienced and successful Headteachers, available for deployment with a school improvement focus, to support schools and other Headteachers (including those newly-appointed), usually within the same Area of Kent.

Simon Cox is an experienced Headteacher currently based at Westlands School. Westlands School is one of only two schools (not including Faith and Grammar schools) in the county to be judged Outstanding by Ofsted.  Simon is able to offer your school a wealth of experience, and is acutely aware of what makes a school outstanding as well as how to move a school through the Ofsted judgements in order to reach an Outstanding judgement.


National Leader of Education (NLE)

We have three National Leaders of Education working within the Teaching School as part of our Multi Academy Trust; Jon Whitcombe (CEO, Swale Academies Trust), Mike Wilson (Director of Primary) and Derek Trimmer (Director of Secondary).