Istead Rise Primary

We have established a school-wide, positive learning ethos which is centred around our core values which the school works hard to instil. These are: independence, respect, perseverance and self-reflection.

Pupils at Istead Rise are excited by challenge, taking a huge amount of pride in their work, working with great enthusiasm and perseverance. 


Steve Payne - Head of School

Mathew Currie, Head of School


Pupils at Istead Rise are excited by challenge, take a huge amount of pride in their work, creating outcomes with great enthusiasm and perseverance.

Steve Payne, Head of School

Children have a wide range of well-planned, enticing activities that are designed to promote and support the development of their key skills. Children engage very positively with these activities, showing enthusiasm and perseverance when faced with a challenge. 

The early years provision is outstanding. Teachers plan a diverse range of enticing activities to support children’s learning. As a result, children learn exceptionally well and make very good progress.

Ofsted Report, September 2018

We use a Restorative Approach to manage behaviour and deal with conflict.  This approach focuses on developing positive relationships within the school and creates a safe, secure environment which enables children to develop both academically and socially.

Istead Rise works collaboratively with other primary schools within the Trust to share good practice. 


Teaching, learning and assessment is consistently good across the school. Learning is planned well. It is sufficiently challenging and meets the needs of all pupils.

Ofsted Report, September 2018

I have seen huge improvements over the last three years, the school leaders are helpful and approachable.

Parent of a pupil at Istead Rise

Our success is measured not by the absence of problems but by the way in which we deal with them. 

Jeannine Olivier, Executive Headteacher