Success Stories

My placement school has given me the opportunity to develop my practice and explore my passions and interests through School Direct training sessions. I have been exposed to outstanding teaching and learning, which has helped me to become the teacher I want to be. The support and guidance that I received both from the school and the training sessions have been instrumental in my growth as a teacher.

Sophie Thomson


Training at my school placement has greatly enhanced my practice as a teacher; the support, help and guidance I have received throughout the year have been invaluable. The School Direct training sessions have provided me with a depth of knowledge and successful strategies that I can implement in my classroom. I am looking forward to continuing to develop my practice in my NQT year. 

Georgia Emmett 


There is a great level of support offered throughout the training year, which is invaluable when teaching. There are lots of opportunities available and a wide range of experienced teachers are invited to share their insight with you.

Matthew Finch


The Trust tutors have been such a great help for my development and progression.  Although I have previous experience in the classroom, the strategies I have learnt have greatly improved. Meeting other trainees weekly who are undertaking their School Direct year is a priceless opportunity to gain further insight and listen to advice. 

Andrew Tweddell


Having the support of skilled professionals around you gives you more confidence as you learn ‘on the job’. The practical experience is invaluable, it is an amazing route into teaching and will most definitely form strong foundations to build a career on. You are given a Subject Mentor who will guide you through the year and have support from the Trust. 

Emma Howland


My experience at Swale Academies Trust has been extremely positive - I felt welcomed and supported from the very first session. The School Direct training sessions have enabled me to grow in confidence and build my own practice as a teacher.  With varying ranges of experience, there is always support available either from other trainees or the Trust tutors.  The support and guidance has provided me with a wealth of understanding from different sessions including classroom presence, behaviour for learning and methods of differentiation.  I believe that without the support of the Trust I would not have become a confident and well-rounded teacher. 

Georgina Reid-Ward


After teaching for 6 months prior to training, it has been amazing how much my teaching has improved over the course of my training year. The Trusts’ support for teacher trainers is exceptional and they are always actively looking to help and assist you to become a better teacher. The Trust CPD sessions are great for networking and sharing ideas with fellow trainee teachers.

Billy Egleton 


I feel that this year has been one of the biggest achievements of my life. This was my second attempt at teacher training, so I was apprehensive going back into it, but Swale delivered a superb training course. I feel that I have learnt an enormous toolkit of strategies, skills and techniques that have fully prepared me for a career in teaching. It is remarkable to reflect on how far I have come in the space of a year.

Will Castle


I applied to Swale Academies Trust and the process was efficient and friendly - within a month I had been offered a position. The training year has been challenging but incredibly rewarding, I have felt supported along the way by my school and the weekly training sessions.  I have a large network of colleagues and friends going into my NQT year and cannot recommend the Trust and it’s staff highly enough.

Jennifer Whittaker 


This year has given us an amazing insight into the expectations and skills needed to become outstanding teachers.  It has certainly been a journey and has allowed us to draw on our own life experiences and develop resilience and patience.  This year has allowed us the time to turn obstacles into opportunities. We have made lasting friendships with like-minded people and the support we have gained has been invaluable.

School Direct Primary Trainees 


This year during my School Direct course I have really felt included and supported as part of a team, at my base school and during the training sessions. The other Primary trainees and myself enjoy swapping ideas and encouraging each other. I have really enjoyed my experience while training, I feel this is down to a great relationship with my base school and my mentor, who have supported me when I needed it but also pushed me to try when I doubted my abilities. I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to teach. 

Jodie Beard 


Being a School Direct trainee as part of Trust allowed me to discuss and share best practice with others in the same situation, helping me to further improve my own practice and to grow as a teacher. The support has been amazing, with experienced teachers encouraging you and ensuring you are not on your own.

Shannara Harrild