Central Support Services

Swale Academies Trust Centralised Support Services provides effective and efficient use of schools resources to support the day to day running of all our schools. 

All of our work relates to non-teaching and learning aspects of running a school, including IT, Finance, HR, Procurement, Projects, Estates and Facilities, alleviating the burden of administrative responsibility from schools, allowing Headteachers to solely focus on teaching and learning. We are focused on supporting and improving educational standards in every school.

The Central Support Services Team support all aspects of the Trust.

  • IT support services provides technical expertise and support, alongside advice for the next technological advances which could be embedded in our schools.
  • Our Finance team provides financial acumen, strategic advice, clear processes and technical financial knowledge so that complex financial scenarios can be fully understood and planned for.
  • Our HR function delivers specialist support to each school for recruitment, compliance and employee relations to ensure all our staff are well managed and looked after.
  • Our Estates and Facilities team ensures our buildings are safe and secure environments for teaching and learning.
  • We oversee effective capital investment programmes with the management oversight of larger projects.

This approach ensures that multi-disciplinary teams consistently work with and support schools ensuring services are sustainable for a growing trust.

Value for Money

Centralising our non-teaching and learning services benefit from reduced costs through better use of resources, achieving better value for money than an individual school would be able to.

Central Support Services Team

Janet Garraway - Chief Operating Officer
Gavin Bailey - Head of Finance
Chidi Okwesilieze - Head of HR
Alec Prenter - Head of IT

The Central team is based at Ashdown House, Johnson Road, Sittingbourne.