We believe that our work can make the lives of children now and in future generations better by ensuring that pupil well-being and good pupil progress are at the heart of everything we do. We do this by creating safe, happy learning environments, which celebrate and promote the production of beautiful work. 

Pupils are proud to attend this inclusive and positive school. They value the supportive and nurturing relationships they have with staff.

Meopham School, Ofsted report April 2023

All staff place importance on pupils’ well-being as much as their academic success. As a result, pupils are well prepared for the next stage of their education by the time they leave Year 6.

Westlands Primary School, Ofsted report June 2019

We ensure that all Trust provision is judged at least Good by Ofsted within two years of taking on a school. We relentlessly focus upon developing good pupil behaviour, good attainment standards, imaginative and creative teaching and emotionally intelligent and resilient leadership.

The executive headteacher and the head of school are ambitious for the school. They have worked effectively with the staff and the Trust to ensure that teaching, learning, assessment and behaviour have improved across the school.

South Borough Primary School, Ofsted report February 2018

Teachers plan interesting, creative learning opportunities that engage and interest pupils. As a result, most pupils focus on their learning with concentration, persevering when faced with a challenge and working hard to make improvements to their work.

Regis Manor Primary School, Ofsted report March 2018

This is a rapidly improving school, because of the effective partnership between leaders from the school, the interim executive board and Swale Academies Trust.

Peacehaven Community School, Ofsted report November 2018

Senior leaders, with support from the Swale Academies Trust, have successfully transformed this previously underperforming school.

Istead Rise Primary School, Ofsted report October 2018

We believe that by working together and harnessing the power of our collective family of schools we can hasten school improvement and provide opportunities for professional development that would not exist in a standalone school.

Trust support for school leaders via the primary director of education and the executive headteacher has been clearly focused and effective in securing rapid school improvement.

Beaver Green Primary School, Ofsted report November 2017

The Eastbourne Academy is supported by a representative of the Swale Academies Trust as a partner in school improvement. This support has successfully provided a framework for improvement in mathematics. Governors are in discussion to further develop this positive relationship.

The Eastbourne Academy, Ofsted report February 2017