Professional Development

Welcome to our Continuing Professional Development information

We believe in providing the right CPD for our staff at the right time in their career. 

Our Trust provides opportunities to train to be a teacher via a number of routes, the longest running being School Direct.  By joining our School Direct programme you will have the opportunity to train as you gain experience within the classroom. 

We run the full Early Career Framework for our Early Career Teachers which ensures a reduced teaching timetable and a rich programme of further study alongside dedicated mentoring and coaching time.

Once our teachers are 'fully fledged' they are supported through our in-school schedules of ongoing CPD, supported by opportunities to embark upon an NPQ or to use online learning platforms for self-directed study. 

Experienced teachers are supported to take the next steps in their career, wherever that might take them, through professional relationships, opportunities to thrive in leading short or long term projects, collaboration with other schools in the trust and with professionals outside of our family of schools.

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