Swale Academies Trust ensures that the quality of safeguarding is of the highest possible standard in Trust schools.

The Safeguarding Leadership Group has been established to complete the following duties:

  • To review, write, approve and monitor the model Trust Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy on an annual basis
  • To complete annual safeguarding reviews across all Trust schools in line with the Trust
  • Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy and Keeping Children Safe in Education.
  • To quality assure all school’s safeguarding audits and action plans.
  • To review safeguarding roles and responsibilities on an annual basis.
  • To develop a monitoring schedule which encompasses the culture of safeguarding.
  • To provide guidance to Local Governing Bodies on questioning the robustness of safeguarding
  • To provide a termly safeguarding update to the Executive Boards.
  • To provide an annual executive summary to the Board of Trustees.
  • To agree and implement a consistent approach to supervision.
  • To plan and organise Trust network meetings and training.

Each Trust school has an individualised Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy based on the model policy ratified by the Board of Trustees which can be found on the school websites.