Sixth Form Education

Across our Sixth Forms we take great pride in students' futures, achievements and are constantly striving to ensure they benefit from outstanding teaching, personalised mentoring and highly supportive pastoral structures.

We are guided by the simple notion of guaranteeing academic excellence through both vocational and academic courses of study.

Choosing what and where to study for Sixth Form education is a huge decision. Making the right choice about Sixth Form education is imperative. Our varied Sixth Form provision offers Level 3 A level and BTEC courses in over 20 different specialist subjects. Our academic offer, ethos and approach to learning provide our students with highly challenging and demanding programmes of study. We want all of our students to be able to make the most of their potential. Throughout our numerous sites, we offer a broadly based educational experience, with our aim to give students the skills, opportunities and qualifications needed to progress and develop a successful future.

Higher education is critical to developing the specialised skills and learning the inner workings of chosen subjects. Continual support from dedicated and enthusiastic staff equips all our students for their futures in Higher Education or employment. Students leave Sixth Form with not only good qualifications but as confident, independent young adults.

Key features across our Sixth Form provision include:

  • Highly experienced Sixth Form teachers who strive for every students’ success

  • Clear aspirational programme of study for every student

  • Close monitoring and tracking of individual student progress

  • Focused Higher Education programme to prepare individuals for university

  • Opportunities for student leadership

  • Focus on both academic and vocational pathways

  • On-going targeted intervention and support

  • Personalised mentoring to support individuals in their next step

  • Vocational opportunities and work-based learning to provide valid and relevant work experience

  • Regular communication and reporting sent home



Leaders and teachers support sixth-form students well. Students have chosen courses that are appropriate for their future career aims. Leaders provide helpful advice and guidance so students are confident about post-18 choices, including higher education degree courses.

Ofsted report, February 2018

Alongside offering academic and vocational studies, we also believe in the development of independent learning and transferable skills and, as a consequence, offer a varied enrichment programme including work experience opportunities, mentoring and support for younger students, and the chance to organise and oversee fundraising events to name a few.

Students speak very highly about their experience in the sixth form and they make good progress.

Meopham School, Ofsted report February 2019

The sixth form is led effectively and meets the needs of students well. It is run jointly with another secondary school in the trust so that students can benefit from accessing a wider range of level 1, 2 and 3 qualifications. Students are well supported by the strong and competent team of sixth-form leaders, tutors and teachers. As a consequence, retention rates are good.

The Sittingbourne School, Ofsted report December 2017

Following a strengthening of leadership, the sixth form is improving rapidly. Students are now making good progress, overall

Westlands School, Ofsted report February 2019